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Bride Tribe Heart Shaped Sunglasses - 7 Pack for your whole bachelorette party crew!
Bride Tribe Heart Sunglasses - 10 Pack Set
Cute, trendy glasses for your bachelorette party bridal shower photo booth props
Bachelorette party sunglasses set kit for your bride tribe favors
Bride Tribe Heart Sunglasses - 10 Pack Set

Bride Tribe Heart Sunglasses - 10 Pack Set

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• FOR ALL THE SPEC-TACULAR BRIDE TRIBES out there who want to shade the sun, while having bachelorette party fun! You and the I DO Crew will be SEEING HEARTS over our team bride sunglasses. We know your squad is the MOST STYLISH around, so give the COOLEST bachelorette party favor gift with our bride squad sunglasses. We promise, you’ll make HEADS TURN and eyes roll. But, don’t worry, you’ll have your hater blockers on.
• OUR SUPER STYLISH BACHELORETTE PARTY SUNGLASSES come in a packs of 10 - 1 special white pair for the beautiful bride-to-be, and 9 black shades for the rest of the bride tribe! The retro heart design will have your crew radiating some serious PARTY VIBES as you STRUT the streets in STYLE!
• BACH BABES DESERVE HIGH-QUALITY. That’s why our bride tribe sunglasses set are made with only the best, high-quality materials so you and the bride squad can SHADE those gorgeous eyes for years to come! Don’t settle for bachelorette party favors that will be tossed in the trash after the bash. Give the gift of SUPERIOR bachelorette party SWAG with our team bride sunglasses set that will WOW your crew.
• WE KNOW YOU’RE A PARTY PLANNING BOSS, and Pinterest aint got nothin’ on the bachelorette bash you’re about to throw for your bride-to-be bestie and her gorgeous tribe. You’ve got all the BEST bachelorette party gifts locked down for the the perfect party weekend. Now, all you have to do is snatch up a set of our bridesmaids sunglasses to finish off the PERFECT retro bachelorette party lewk. What better way to show your BRIDE TRIBE PRIDE while LOOKING FLY and shading that blazing sun!